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Ollie’s Point Surf Trip

Ollie's Point - Ex Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North was, and remains, many things to many people. Among military historians North is considered a leading military affairs commentator and bestselling author. Ask a retired Reagan era spook and they may talk of a rogue special forces operative who went off reservation on a freewheeling [...]

Camping in Costa Rica – Tips, maps and Adventures!

Camping Costa Rica - Camping Tips in Costa Rica For true nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, camping in Costa Rica is a definite must-do. The opportunity for awe-inspiring views and wild diversity is available to anyone who visits, and the best way to get an up close and personal experience is by camping in [...]

Camping in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country with the largest concentration of biodiversity on the planet. With over 50 micro-climates one can visit in a few hours there are virtually limitless opportunities for new camping experiences. Camping in Costa Rica can be in dense tropical rain-forests, dry grasslands of the North, overlooking beaches on rocky cliffs [...]

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