Reasons for a Jeep Rental Costa Rica

Have you already planned your vacation to Costa Rica? Or maybe you are just choosing your travel destination and Costa Rica is one of your travel choices? Choosing Costa Rica for your vacation can’t go wrong. This amazing country has so many things to offer, so many activities and positive experiences waiting for you! If you an adventure seeker who likes to explore places and enjoy magnificent views, you should read this article. Costa Rica is a safe country and exploring its spots will give you many enjoyable moments. One of the best ways to get to know Costa Rica during your stay is renting a car and allowing yourself a freedom of independent exploration. If you rent a regular sedan, you certainly can get to many places without trouble. However, if your thirst for adventure is really high, that might not be enough. Some of the most beautiful and remote Costa Rica’s places can only be accessed by 4×4. Renting a powerful 4×4 Jeep Rental Costa Rica will make your trip unforgettable and give you lots of opportunities to experience adventure. One of the cars you might consider to rent is a Jeep Wrangler. Read more to discover all the perks that renting this car has to offer! Get the best Jeep Rental Costa Rica with Nomad America – BOOK yours now on our site!

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A Bit More About Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler is manufactured by Jeep and is a mid-size 4×4 vehicle that is perfect for an off-road. It was introduced in 1986 and in spite of many misconceptions, the vehicle is not a direct derivative car of a Jeep CJ, known as a Jeep of second World War. The two vehicles are completely different because of their differences in the suspension, interior and drivetrain. However, the legendary Jeep CJ and Jeep Wrangler have some things in common, including rigid solid axles front and rear, separate body and frame and fold-flat windshield. Jeep Wrangler was changed in 1996 and it was redesigned in 2006. Different models of Jeep Wrangler were introduced, including YJ, TJ, TJU, JKU and JK. YJs were manufactured between 1986 and 1995, TJs during 1996-2006. JK models were introduced in 2007 and are being manufactured until now. The 2007 Jeep Wrangler models were completely changed compared to the earlier models. The new vehicle was much wider, offering 2-door and 4-door options, introducing stability control for better safety and more. In 2009, Jeep Wrangler was updated again. Standard Hill Start Assist feature was added, along with the Trailer Sway Control. ULEV II emissions replaced LEV II emissions. Jeep Wrangler was then updated every year until 2015 with the following features: improved fuel economy, improved transmission performance, more powerful engines, audio system and improved interior elements. Jeep Wrangler received multiple awards in different years, some of them for the retained value for the compact 4×4, some for the highest altitude attained by 4×4, some awarded the vehicle as a 4×4 of the decade or of the year. This legendary, iconic car is a powerful off-road vehicle and is generally affordable to the public. Jeep Wrangler combines safety, unique design and comfort, making it a perfect choice for travelers, even those traveling with kids.

Camper van or 4x4 camper rentals in Costa Rica

Campervan or Camper 4×4 to camp all over Costa Rica. All-Included.

Why Rent Jeep Wrangler in Costa Rica?

Renting car in Costa Rica is a great decision for adventurous people who prefer traveling where they want and when they want to. Nothing can be better than freedom during your vacation. Just imagine how many options are available to you if you are renting a car: visiting Costa Rica’s small towns, stopping in any scenic places you see, going up the hills and national parks, visiting many different beaches (including the hidden ones!) or having a ride in San Jose at night. Cabs are pricey in Costa Rica and buses don’t run all-day-long – you can’t waste your time when adventure is calling.

Some people claim that driving in Costa Rica is very dangerous and you should not risk, however, you just need to be more careful and you will be fine. Road conditions is another concern many travelers have when considering a car rental. However, you can easily overcome this obstacle by renting a 4×4, such as Jeep Rental Costa Rica Wrangler. Why rent this vehicle? For a number of reasons:

rent rubicon jeep wrangler costa rica 4x4

Rent 4×4 jeep Wrangler Costa Rica

  • Jeep Wrangler is one of the best choices for off-road drive, it is safe, it is comfortable, has full extras, it is large enough and has nice interior. It’s still rough, but modern at the same time. It has a lot of space, so you can pack lots of stuff there, including camping and cooking gear, luggage or supplies. This car is perfect when traveling to remote off-road locations with family or with a group of friends. You will definitely feel like in a movie driving this iconic car!
  • If you are choosing a Jeep Rental Costa Rica, you can literally access ALL the Costa Rica. Remember, that you will need a solid 4×4 in many nice areas of the country, such as Osa Peninsula, Nicoya Peninsula, almost the entire Caribbean, some areas in Dominical, many areas in Guanacaste, La Paz and more.
  • Jeep Wrangler is perfect for traveling in Costa Rica during the rainy season. Many roads in the remote locations are unpaved. Jeep Wrangler will help you to easily drive there and enjoy the green season more.
  • Jeep Wrangler is very reliable, so no matter where do you stop or drive, you don’t have to worry that your vehicle will break down.
  • Although Jeep Wrangler is a comparatively rough car, you will be surprised that driving it is relatively smooth and quite, compared to other rough 4x4s.
  • You can remove the top and the doors off and enjoy the warm wind and ocean breeze, especially when you are having a ride along Costa Rica’s coasts. You can put them back if rain starts, especially in the mountains or rainforest. Jeep Wrangler is a perfect car for all weather conditions and seasons.
  • Jeep Rental Costa Rica is the best choice for those who are still young in their hearts because of the youthful sense of adventure this vehicle provides.
Camping in our Jeep Wrangler

4×4 Surf trip to famous Roca Bruja (Witch’s Rock) – Parque Nacional Santa Rosa Jeep Wrangler Rubicon