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A great group of friends and adventures came to explore Costa Rica with us! Some great camera and editing skills while taking the 4×4 Defender on some wild-life and off the path adventures.

Action Sports Media (ASM) is a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho based hub of professional creativity focused on producing high quality video production and media content.  We’re a collective group of filmers, photographers, editors, artists and adventure junkies living the dream while producing exciting and unique videos around the world!

ASM on a 4×4 trip in Costa Rica!

Sebastian from Off-the-Path and Line from Kultreiter share some great videos of their 4×4 nomad adventures in Costa Rica! If you don’t speak German skip ahead to second 45 of the video for some amazing drone footage! Follow their adventures on their blogs or on Offthepath’s great instagram account. With over 100 countries under their belt they are seasoned adventurers – check out the blogs for great local info.


Expert Adventurers take on Costa Rica!

Nomad Life

Road trip through Costa Rica’s remote beaches, breathtaking mountain landscapes, stunning nature and wildlife and beautiful culture on a journey with Nomad America – rent equipped 4×4’s for overlanding, camping, all-terrain driving and being awesome! Full-screen this beautiful video!

Pura Vida!

Great Family Adventure!

A quick Guanacaste adventure video from a great adventurous family! Thank you so much for sharing and for coming here and enjoying Costa Rica, family camping and getting off the beaten path. Follow their life expeditions on pedaladventures.com or on their instagram accounts @pedaladventures @randycharrete  @kbikesurf.

Pedal Adventurers!

Road trip with friends!

A quick road trip adventure video through southern Costa Rica in our 4×4’s – camping on beaches, scouting new routes, exploring waterfalls and enjoying a nice adventure with a beautiful group. Thank you for all your love, help and support!

Adventure Time!

Going for the Sun

Surf-trip exploring some spectacular beaches along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. Hunting our own perfect and private waves. Escaping the crowds. Big thanks to the guys at Gallopinto.tv for the video and the great company! Check out the amazing local talent with us on the trip: Surfer Beto Munoz


Two Weeks of Costa Rica

Awesome group of friends from England (Lucy, Becks, William and Sam!) made a video of a typical day in Costa Rica. Their adventure was not so “typical” as they explored Costa Rica during Hurricane Otto! Yet they managed to have a great time and tons of adventures along the way. Thank you for sharing this video and having a great time despite the hurricane – hope to see you again someday.

Big Bertha!

Escaping Pavement!

Exploring Costa Rica in a Suzuki Jimny! Great little 4×4 to get to the best national parks like Cano Negro. Thanks Jordan and Charlie for sharing this great little road trip video! Check out more of their great photography at instagram.com/plongeraucoeurdumonde/ and travel blog (French): plongeraucoeurdumonde.com

Bon Nomad Voyage!


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