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312, 2016

Into the Wild

A 4x4 road trip from San Jose to the Osa Peninsula with Nomad America Since Costa Rica emerged as the global leader in ecotourism in the early 1990's one area of the country has stood out among the rest. While tales of over-development in other parts of the country have been well documented, the Osa peninsula, which juts out from the south western mainland into the Pacific has managed [...]

2411, 2016

The Nomad America Guide to White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

White knuckle thrills and chills! In mid 2015, after a morning spent white water rafting with his family President Luis Guillermo Solis proudly thrust a document into the air and shouted the phrase "For Costa Rica!". The paper in question was a decree to prevent dams being built on the Pacuare and Savegre rivers for a minimum of 25 years. In passing this law President Solis became an instant [...]

2310, 2016

The Nomad America Guide to Costa Ricas Best Scuba Diving Sites

The Nomad America Guide to Costa Rica's Best Scuba Diving Sites Jacques Cousteau: explorer, aqua-lung inventor, marine expert, conservationist and leading authority on all things sub-aquatic once famously stated,  “From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.” This quote was one of his many [...]

1709, 2016

The Nomad America guide to Crossing the Nicaragua – Costa Rica Border

Border Crossing from Costa Rica to Nicaragua – a nation as famous for it's contributions to art, literature, poetry, and diverse cultural traditions as it is infamous for it's periods of political turmoil and oppressive dictatorships that spurred the revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Although older generations still bare psychological scars from the violent unrest of decades past, for younger generations the troubles of a bygone era are confined [...]

409, 2016

The Nomad America Guide to Costa Ricas Top 5 Festivals

Lagarteada Festival For the The Nomad America Guide to Costa Ricas Top 5 Festivals let's start with one of the least well known but definitely one of the craziest parties on the Costa Rican calendar. Google the word “syncretism” and you'll find it described as the act of combining opposing religious beliefs to form a new system. It came in handy for the Roman Catholics during their campaign to convert the [...]

1008, 2016

Attention Coffee Lovers – The Nomad America Guide to the Costa Rican Coffee Experience.

What's rich, hot, dark, arousing, and will keep you awake all night? Yes, we're talking about coffee, whether it is from businesses like Iron & Fire or directly from the source itself, it is delicious, and if you're reading this then it's a safe assumption that you are already in, or at least toying with the idea of visiting one of the planets most revered coffee producing destinations – Costa Rica. [...]

508, 2016

7 Places to Visit in Costa Rica with Kids

Costa Rica is an extremely family-friendly country and traveling to Costa Rica with kids is a truly enjoyable experience, especially if you decide to treat yourselves to a private jet experience, courtesy of companies like Jettly, to fly you into this beautiful country. And this will be just the start of your vacation. You will find a variety of places when it comes to adventure trip with children in Costa Rica. [...]

408, 2016

Renting a Toyota FJ Cruiser in Costa Rica

There are a lot of travelers in Costa Rica from all around the world. All the visitors are different and have different travel plans. Some are young backpackers traveling by bus and staying in hostels, some are families staying in resorts in one area without much exploration, some are adventure seekers going to ATV tours or renting powerful vehicles, some are surfers, some just want to stay at the beach during [...]

408, 2016

Pura Vida and Tico Slang you really don’t have to know when Traveling to Costa Rica – but might be fun!

Even if you speak Spanish, Costa Rican Spanish might seem different to you. Local people have their own slang and expressions that are difficult to understand to everyone who is not native to Costa Rica. However, don’t get discouraged! The more you make effort to speak Spanish with locals and participate in conversations, the more information you will get about the country. It is very useful to learn some top Costa [...]