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“Every night was a new beachfront, lakefront, jungle canopy experience that was better than the last. Can’t recommend booking with Nomad America enough!”

Joe Fontaine


“We travelled to remote beaches, pristine jungles, across mountains and rivers and having such a great vehicle to do it in made the whole adventure relaxing and fun. I can not recommend these guys highly enough. Perfect! PURA VIDA!”

David Fennings


“This company is not only about renting a car. Its about a wild ride you will never forget. Hands down, best trip of my life.”

Tobias Margreiter


“It was our best holidays ever! Beautifull landscape of Costa Rica help a lot of course. but It was so great to visit this country with all the freeedom that Nomad america allows.”

Pauline Loren


“This was by far the coolest trip I’ve ever been on and it is all thanks to the amazing team at Nomad! From the beginning, they were nothing but helpful in answering our questions and providing us with extra tools to make sure we could plan our customized trip. Luis even drove the car from San Jose to meet us at the Libera airport. I would absolutely go through this company again, nothing but positive things to say.”

Katie Morris


“By far the best experience I have ever had dealing with a rental car company. Fabio was incredibly helpful during the whole process, even supplying us with a local phone in case of an emergency! If you’re looking for the best way to experience Costa Rica at your own pace this is it. The vehicle didn’t have any problems and the roof top tent was extremely easy to set up.”

Taylor Burke


“I can’t imagine this trip of any other way. The staff of nomad is great, the map of campsites is very good, you can do a travel almost without planing anything. It was the best trip I’ve made so far. Pura vida!!”

Jorge Silva


Campsite Map


All reviews 100% real – view them on our Facebook

” This was by far the coolest trip I’ve ever been on and it is all thanks to the amazing team at Nomad! From the beginning, they were nothing but helpful in answering our questions and providing us with extra tools to make sure we could plan our customized trip. Luis even drove the car from San Jose to meet us at the Libera airport. I would absolutely go through this company again, nothing but positive things to say.

Driving the car and setting up the tent was much easier than expected, it was a breeze to set/close camp when we were ready to move on to the next place. I loved having the car because it meant we could go at our own pace and no tour guides needed. 

Places we camped:
– El Castillo: Free camping with amazing views of Arenal. No facilities onsite but there the Soda Cafe Lago is directly across from the campsite. Follow signs for Pizza Johns when driving in.
– Restaurante Turin: Very quite, restaurant, showers/bathrooms onsite, beautiful views with river. Lots of space if you are travelling with a group.
– Brasilito Lodge: Right on the beach, amazing views. In the morning we left the hostel and drove onto the beach to enjoy our morning, go for a swim and hang out on the beach for the day.

Places we went:
– Rio Celeste National Park Hike: Very easy hike, the water is an incredible color of blue. Definitely need to go for a quick swim
– Cerro Chato Hike / Lake: Amazing, this was a really hard hike but totally worth it. Will take a few hours, bring extra water and snacks. Would recommend going in the morning before the trail gets crowded.
– La Fortuna Waterfall: A bit touristy but very pretty, won’t spend more than an hour there
– Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: This was one of our last hikes and after doing Cerro Chato, this was a breeze. It felt a bit commercialized but a good experience nonetheless, your entrance ticket is a good way to support the forest. 

– Katie Morris

There is a reason why Nomad America only has 5 stars… they are simply amazing! The only regret I have about my trip to Costa Rica is not camping for longer. We had the Toyota 4Runner and actually weren’t even supposed to have this vehicle–I guess people were late returning with the car we were supposed to have, so we got bumped up to the 4Runner. No complaints because it was one sick car! Additionally, all the gear we got was top notch… I’m seriously going to look into some of the stuff they had to add to my personal collection.

My boyfriend and I were absolutely exhausted from traveling all the way from Panama and decided to spend the night at the Nomad Station in Alajela (beautiful and quiet place btw) for the first night. Luis was so kind and let us stay on the property, and even took one night off the total cost.

It was awesome getting to know Fabio and Luis. They run a reliable and fantastic company. I would 100% recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Costa Rica. Thank you guys so much for making the last part of our trip so wonderful! I truly feel like we have friends in Costa Rica now 

– Frances Dorsal

“Thank you @nomad_america for providing such a wonderful service! It allowed for a truly unique experience. One that my family will never forget. The SUV, that our daughter named Niki, was comfortable and reliable, and made it possible for us to trek to places we otherwise would not have been able to. She drove us through rivers without hesitation or issue to get us to Corcovado. The tent set up was not only incredibly comfortable for all 3 of us, but also the fastest and easiest set up and break down we have ever experienced, allowing maximum time to enjoy other facets of our adventure. The equipment provided (all cooking gear, hammocks, sleeping bags, cooler, head lamps, a map, local cell phone, and more that I’m sure I am forgetting) made it easy for us to have such a wonderfully rich experience. You guys really hit all the marks! We were all a bit sad to have to return her. And we cannot say enough about the kindness and warmth of your staff. Luis made my family feel right at home as soon as we arrived. My partner and our daughter had never experienced being in a foreign country and being surrounded by a completely different culture, speaking a different language. Luis made this transition an absolute breeze. We will absolutely be return customers and look forward to reconnecting again. Pura Vida!
– Ashley Woodall

“The only way to explore Costa Rica. We got to experience all there was to offer from the rainforest and volcanoes, to the cloudforests and coffee of Monteverde, and surf spots all along the Nicoya Peninsula. Whether climbing steep unpaved roads, crossing rivers, or just barging down a secluded beach to post up camp for the night there was nothing the Defender couldn’t handle. We were well stocked on amenities, and had a great itinerary mapped out when we landed thanks to super helpful local knowledge and guidance from the Nomad team. The vehicle also gave us an incomparable vantage everywhere we went, so. many. sunsets. Not only that, but everynight was a new beachfront, lakefront, jungle canopy experience that was better than the last. Can’t recommend booking with Nomad America enough!”
– Joe Fontaine

“These guys really go way beyond the call of duty to make sure you have a great trip. When there was a problem with our paperwork crossing into Nicaragua, Fabio literally drove to the border that day and sorted it out for us. Their cars are great, they come loaded with everything you would need for an incredible adventure, and the customer service is amazing. Can’t recommend it enough.”
– Tristan Martin – U.K.

“We were so lucky to come across Nomad America! This is by far the best way to travel Costa Rica. We were able to do so much more than we would have, had we stayed somewhere else. As far as set up goes, super easy, took so more than a minute! Everyone was beyond helpful, we could call at any time if we had a question. We definitely had the coolest ride everywhere we went!”
– Eleonore Küehn – U.S.A.

“If we had only one word to say about our nomad america trip it would be : AMAZING !!
It was our best holidays ever ! Beautifull landscape of Costa Rica help a lot of course. but It was so great to visit this country with all the freeedom that Nomad america allows. We had the toyota prado just for two of us, it was perfect.
Furthemore, Luis and Fabio are fabulous and very friendly. They advice us for all our road trip, they came to pick us up at the airport and they hosted us at their base camp the day we arrived. They are very accomodating 😉 If you hesitate, do not anymore, go for it !!!”
– Pauline Loren – France

“We just finished our 8 day trip in Costa Rica WITH our KIDS!….3 BOYS ages 6, 3, and 2. We had an absolute blast with the Hilux and we’re able to cover a ton of ground! The guys at nomad were great to work with, we had originally booked the defender but they suggested a Hilux would be better with the kids. It was very helpful of them and even saved us money. When my husband lost his wallet they were willing to bend over backwards to get money to us and pay for things to keep our adventure going. If you’re thinking of doing this give it a shot! Even if you don’t Camp the entire time the vehicle is fun and worth it! Thank you from the Plumley Family!”
– Jaqueline Kaminsky Plumley – U.S.A.

We had the Land Rover Defender (the white one) and it was amazing. We went to Costa Rica with no plan and arrived at around 4 PM. As the sun was about to set and we had no clue where to go the guys from Nomad America recommended a nearby beach around 1,5 hours away and gave us a few tips for the first days in Costa Rica – it was perfect!

We spent around 10 days in total in the country and drove almost 2.000 kilometres. I especially loved the Nicoya Peninsula. We were there during the rainy season and little creeks became rivers – perfect for an off roader life the Defender. It was heaps of fun! We slept at the most amazing beaches and woke up to the sound of waves, birds and the occasional howler monkey – an adventure I will never forget 😀

Make sure to get the complete package. We had a cell phone, a portable wifi router, spearfishing gear, hammocks etc.

– Sebastian Canaves – Germany

“De no haber tenido la posibilidad de contar con el equipo de Nomad, sin dudas el viaje no hubiera sido lo mismo. Una experiencia única para un país tan único. La posibilidad de atravesar sus montañas, ríos y arenas nos dio la libertad de disfrutar al máximo de su naturaleza, realmente una verdadera aventura.
Nos encontramos con un equipo humano de alta calidad, que nos trataron muy bien y supieron hacerse un lugar en nuestros corazones! Un abrazo muy grande desde Argentina!!!”
– Fernando Locca – Argentina

“Great car rental to do a road trip in Costa Rica! Fabio and Luis helped us to organize a great trip in CR. The car was perfect, like pictures. The camping gear was the best and we were fully equiped to spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica. The rooftop tent was excellent and easy to use. We could count on Nomad America when we needed. Everything was perfect, i highly recommend to trust them for your road trip !!!”
– Clement Sciallano – France

“These guys are top notch. Very customer focused. Transportation to and from San Jose very easy. Luis went out of his way to help us out with everything. Rented a Prado for 9 days, destinations unplanned and experience was out of this world. Very easy tent set-up and reliable vehicle! Everyone needs to live this!!!”
– Francis Blais – Canada

“Nomad America is amazing!! We have used them multiple years in a row. The car was amazing, clean and well maintained. We had a nice smooth pick up and drop off right at the airport both times. We highly recommend Nomad America and will use them every time we visit Costa Rica!”
– Stephanie Allen – U.S.A.

“If you are looking for a unique adventure in Costa Rica, stop looking because this is the best thing ever. We rented the Defender for 9 days and this gave us all the freedom to explore the south of Costa Rica. Nomad America made sure we had all the gear we needed for this trip from hammocks, tools, cooking gear and much more. While on the trip we could always call for advise or tips about the area or where to camp. Nomad America know exactly what travellers are looking for and we recommend them to everyone!”
– Greg Gerrits – The Netherlands

“The best way to explore and enjoy the highlights of Costa Rica is with a fully equipped vehicle from Nomad America. Fabio and Luis are fantastic and when they say just call them if you have a problem on the road, they mean it. We had an issue with our vehicle’s battery which they replaced without disrupting our vacation. Can’t recommend Nomad America enough. Feel free to contact me for any further information or feedback. Thank you Fabio and Luis for an adventure vacation of a lifetime! ��”
– Martin Slater – U.K.

“Nomad made our Costa Rica Trip truly amazing, unforgettable, and the best trip of our lifes! From camping on beach fronts, under the canopy, or by hot spring we always felt we had the vehicle to get us where we wanted and needed to be! The vehicles are in excellent condition and comes fully stocked for all your camping needs. This is the only way to do travel the country, and we would highly recommend Nomad America to anyone considering traveling throughout Costa Rica!”
– Mathew James Samson – Canada

Once again we want to thank Nomad America for the amazing time we got with the Defender! The car is great, but the service of the company even greater!! We totally recommend everybody to do a trip with a 4×4 from Nomad America. We reached the most amazing places in the middle of nowhere with our car.

After 9 days with our Defender, Fabio picked it up in Tamarindo, so we could stay at a hostel here. amazing service!
– Maarten van der Molen – Netherlands

“The GREATEST experience once in a lifetime !
You can sit back, relax fasten your seat belt and hit the road of the BEST country of the world with the best 4×4 camping ready set up ! Nomad America is your costarican experience copilot they help you from 0 to 100 ! ( Did 5600km in 3 weeks they never let me down ! ) Steady !”
– Julien Grech – France

“They have the best cars to explore Costa Rica! When you see the roads offside the highways, than you know what I mean. Also to get to some national Parks or POIs you really need a true 4×4 car – not a toy car ^^
We spend 14 days in CR and I can recommend the pacific coast from the north to the south and especially a 3 day hike in corcovado! With the cars you have all what you need and you get great support and they are always there for you. Thanks 
– Florian Hammer  – Germany

“Nomad America rocks! Fabio is very clear and available for any kind of advice. He provides everything you need and the cars are amazing!!! We got a Land Rover Defender, perfect! I think is the best way to explore Costa Rica. Absolutely trustable and reliable. Fabio, thanks a lot for everything!!!”
– Fabio Marastoni – Italy

“We rented not only the most badass car in the world (Range Rover Defender), but we booked the best service one can imagine for traveling to Costa Rica. We have been to CR in november 2015 and found Fabios website and booked the Defender immediately. Fabio drove the car to the border where we met him and got the car – equipped with everything that is needed to go into the wild: camping equipment, a roof top tent, headlights, batteries, a wifi dongle and even a local cell phone to call him whenever we had a question.
Fabio made Costa Rica an unforgettable experience for us – by giving best recommendations for what to do/see in costa rica. We were driving through hip-deep rivers, slept at the beach and went uphill into the mountains.”
– Vianney Lancres – Germany

We rented a Hilux for a month and it has been an absolut amazing experience. The car is in great condition, perfectly taken care of and because of its lifted suspension and mud tires has got great offroading capabilities.
Fabio and his team will try everything to help you get the best experience possible. The service is amazing. Where else do you get a local cell phone with a car rental? He even managed to organize a back hoe within a an
amazingly short period of time to pull the car out of the mud in the middle of the jungle when we burried the Hilux up to the frame rails.
Fabio knows about many great places to visit and camp in central america and will help to plan an individual route.
With the car comes a great amount of camping equipment which is in great shape. Its everything you need from gas cartiges to various types of head lamps.

If you’re thinking of doing an adventure in central america, Fabio and his team are the people to go to!

– Jella Voelter – Austria

“These guys know how to run a professional business. we had an amazing 8 days with the toyota fj cruiser. fabio was always on the end of the phone to help with anything. our battery in the vehicle completely died and wouldn’t recharge so they had a mechanic come to our campsite and fit a new one. would love to return one day”
– Luke Metson – U.K.

“We rented the Red Defender in January and had a blast. This is a quality and professional organization that is also honest and helpful. Fabio was great to work with and always available if needed.”
– Jennifer Klein Charrette – U.S.A.

What a great way to discover Costa Rica!

We enjoyed every bit of our stay. We’ve been in a lot of places in the last couple years and Fabio is probably the best contact person we dealt with. Everything was friendly/smooth and he made sure to accomodate if we needed anything. The roof tent is great and you can have no doubt that you’ll be comfortable. It was not always easy to find nice places to camp by ourselves but Fabio thought of everything. He provided us with a map showing all places we could go and camp safely. That helped a lot! I would recommend a trip like that to anyone looking for a little roadtrip adventure.

Anyway, long story short, it was awesome. 2 weeks, 2000km and it went like a charm!

Don’t hesitate to contact them, enjoy your trip and take it easy!

– Jean-Samuel Pariseau – Canada

“100% recomendable. Excelente trato y servicio. Alquilamos un 4×4 durante nuestros 15 días de viaje y fue muy buena la experiencia. Coches muy bien equipados. Enamorados de Costa Rica y su gente, con ganas de volver. Gracias Fabio por tu gran amabilidad, por ayudarnos con los preparativos del viaje y por todas las atenciones recibidas. Repetiríamos sin duda alguna.”
– Cris Curbelo – Gran Canaria, Spain

“We were so happy with our Nomad America Truck.. absolutely the best choice to travel the stunning wild country of Costa Rica!”
– Lisa Bobisa – U.S.A.

“Best option, best service and best quality in all Costa Rica!”
– Maria Angelica – Costa Rica

Anyone considering an adventure in Costa Rica definitely needs to look into Nomad America. If you want to truly experience all the beauty this country has to offer there is no better way than renting a vehicle from Fabio and NA. In May I traveled solo to Costa Rica and wanted to see as much as possible in a week. Fabio met me at my hotel in San Jose with a Nissan Xterra completely outfitted with roof tent, hammocks, cooking supplies, ice chest, boogie board, snorkel gear, spear gun, flashlights, local cell phone with unlimited data, and everything I could have possibly needed to make the adventure safe and fun. The vehicle ran great and being diesel, got really good gas mileage as well. 

I drove from San Jose to Monteverde cloud forest, Arenal volcano and Fortuna and then across Guanacaste to some of the best beaches I’ve ever seen from Samara to Montezuma. I then ferried over to Manuel Antonio for a couple days before heading back to the airport. The vehicle came equipped with 4×4 which was a must on some of the roads I traveled. I got turned around on some unmarked roads near Monteverde and called Fabio, who put me right back on track. He also helped plan a loose route before and during my trip.

I did not stay in the same place longer than a day or two and was able to see much more of the country than I would have staying at a resort or hotel. I did not camp the whole time and opted to stay in a couple of affordable Airbnb rentals, but knowing that I always had the option to stop and camp provided the ultimate freedom.

Freedom is how I would sum up the experience of renting through Nomad America. You can literally go anywhere you want and you have everything you need for a completely worry free adventure/vacation. Fabio was absolutely the best to do business with, he was easy to work with and delivered on everything he said he would. I would recommend anyone looking for an awesome adventure and the freedom to move around Costa Rica please check out Nomad America first!

– Brent Doherty

Fabio, what else can I say but thank you for making our trip a memory of a lifetime! I’ve been in the hospitality business for almost 30 years, and travel on average 2 months a year for both work and play, so to say I’ve seen good and bad in the industry would be understated.

So when planning my son’s graduation trip, and in a Country I’d yet to visit, I was nervous but cautiously optimistic. He’s an adventurous soul, a car kid and fearless when it comes to new experiences. From the first time we contacted Nomad America, I could tell you ran this business at a higher level. Not only did you provide us the great truck, you literally provided the roadmap and gear based upon our interests. Places we’d have not found on our own, or through a tour book. Who knew Costa Rica had so many skate and mountain bike parks????

The truck, camping equipment and the extras were all as described, without a single thing missing. Clearly you pay attention to details. You were punctual, even with our flight delays. It was with your guidance and the truck, that I guarantee Braiden and Michael will never forget this experience. That’s what I had hoped would be the outcome as the boys take the next steps in life!

Again Fabio, genuinely appreciate you, thank you!

– Brian Cannon – U.S.A.

“Our trip was awesome thanks to Fabio! He was right on time to meet us at the airport and when we dropped the car off. Having wifi in the car and navigation made getting around flawless. Being able to do our own thing and be on our own schedule was worth every penny. The tent on top of the car was the coolest thing ever, most likely getting one for my truck. I would highly recommend Fabio and his company. His trucks and equipment were all in great shape.”
– Mike Geary – U.S.A.

“We had the best time ever by renting this massive SUV. The equipment was great, the car amazing. Fabio is the best and always very happy to help. Don’t hesitate it’s not expensive and when you think about it, renting a car with a normal provider in Costa Rica might seems cheaper but with the that one, you can sleep where you want and save a lot of money. Don’t forget to have the shower tough, otherwise it will limit your adventure!!”
– Bastien Louis Blondin – U.K.

“Absolutely amazing! If you are going to Costa Rica this is the way to get around and travel! We started in Arenal and made our way out to the Guanacaste coast line and cruised around at our own pace, wandering and finding some of the best places to stay for the night with no one around. The cars are awesome, and Fabio is just an all around awesome person to work with! Would rent from him again in a heart beat! We hope that he continues to expand his business!”
– Melinda Brown – U.S.A.

“We had a great trip! Everything worked perfectly, Fabio was great and always reachable and helpful. Very uncomplicated. We were overwhelmed by the car as it looked great and worked perfectly and was equipped to the very last detail. Next time we do such a trip, it will be with Nomad America again.”
– Bastien Menninger – Switzerland

“Perfection! This was our BEST trip to South America thanks to Fabio and Nomad America. They dropped off the Land Rover on time exactly as we talked about. I was able to see parts of the country I wouldn’t have been able to with any other vehicle we looked into renting. We had onboard Wifi with a local cell phone and we didn’t get lost a single time (honestly pretty amazing traveling on some of the roads we did)! We had the freedom to do what we wanted, when we wanted and that is what made this vacation so great. Fabio met us right on time when we dropped off the truck at our hotel. We had a cup of coffee and talked about the trip and just how great it had been. This was just the perfect ending to our trip. Honest and straightforward just as and dream trip should be. Thanks Nomad America!”
– Derek Snider – U.S.A.

“Excelente trato!!!100% recomendable!! Además nos ayudaron con todos los preparativos del viaje y con todas las dudas que tuvimos. Seguro el viaje por CR no habría sido igual sin Nomad América!! Gracias chicos!! Saludos desde Canarias!!!”
– Cristina LD – Gran Canarias, Spain

“A+, “Excellent”. Here’s why: If you read this review, you probably are into planning your adventure trip in CR with Nomad. And when you’re going into those type of trips, you’re asking yourself at some point: so…. What if ? Well, here’s the thing with Nomad, probability of unexpected vehicle hazard is extremely remote. Why ? Because behind Nomad there’s Fabio and his team. Along reservation process you’ll get to know the guy, and why you’ll get an exceptional trip in CR. He know his vehicles, he takes exceptional care of them, does not hesitate to upgrade them for more adventure, reliability, cleanliness and travel convenience. On top of excellent vehicle care, the guy know his country and will never let you down for anything. You need advices on itinerary, routes, best spot to camp on the beach, getting the adventure, Fabio will tell you. My vehicle didn’t had any issue at all, I was quite amazed of the capability and possibility of combined 4×4 and roof top camping, and the first morning I drove, I knew I could count on Fabio should anything happen, and that the real thing about Nomad. Anyone can buy 4×4 and make them look cool … But supporting your experience by providing reliable vehicles and service, that the real thing. Thank you Fabio and see you next year … In rain season I hope (… Well yeah … They’re 4×4 and there ain’t bridges everywhere ?)
– Remi Poulin – Quebec, Canada

“Fabio is literally the greatest guy in the world. 4 of my friends and myself rented a car and trailer from his company for a month. A lot of things ended up going wrong, but Fabio and his employees were there to help us day and night.”
– Henry Michaelis – U.S.A.

“For those of you that have never rented a vehicle in Costa Rica, heed my advice. Stay away from “professional” agencies, the types you find at the airport. They are rackets, and they will clean your clock every step of the way, creating a cloud of apprehension and tension from the VERY START of your vacation. Working with Nomad, in particular Fabio, was one of the best decisions I made while planning out my trip to Costa Rica. Nomad exceeded my expectations in every aspect there is for renting a car and more so conducting business with a stranger on foreign soil. Costa Rica is an amazing country with endless opportunities for adventure. Cruising around in a JEEP Wrangler seriously made the adventure that much more special. Next time I plan a trip to Costa Rica, Nomad will be contacted before I even worry about airfare! Cheers”
– Jeremiah Kraft – U.S.A.

We never would have been able to have the adventures we did without Nomad America. I can’t can’t think of a better way to experience all of Costa Rica.

Because of Fabio (and his amazing suggestions) we were able to camp on any beach we found, drive deep into the mountains, and travel around the ENTIRE country of Costa Rica without fear of not being able to get to where we wanted to go.

We took some pretty aggressive routes (because we wanted the adventure) requiring us to drive through rivers, rock climb, and mud through the jungle deep into the mountains and the Jeep had no trouble making it through.

Not only was the vehicle perfect for navigating the sometimes dicey Costa Rican roads, but Fabio literally thought of everything you would ever need for camping. Water, stoves, wifi, pots, pans, played, cups, tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, lanterns, literally everything.

The best part? It was incredibly cheap!!! You’re not paying for expensive hotels in a super touristy area, you’re choosing where you want to go – in our case as remote as we could get.

It’s some of the best camping you can ask for. We woke up to the sounds of waves crashing (and howler monkeys “howling”) and rolled out of the tent to take a morning swim.

You haven’t experienced Costa Rica like this and you’re doing yourself a disservice until you have.

We’ll be surely going back soon for another adventure, but this time recruiting more friends and putting together a fleet of SUVs for our voyage 🙂 we haven’t stopped talking about the trip since we got back.

Thanks Fabio! Look forward to seeing you again soon.

– Jon Benson, San Franciscom, U.S.A.

“La mejor manera para conocer Costa Rica , lo volvería a repetir sin dudarlo!

– Silvia Estarellas, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Fabio is a really great guy! We had a great time and with the help of Fabio we managed to find off the grid camping spots. The equipment of the car was also very complete and clean.

I would definitely recommend Nomad America to everyone that will visit Costa Rica.

– Sander Hendriks, The Netherlands

“An incredible trip all around costa rica with those cars! We were 10 people divided in 2 4×4 and we had more equipment than necessary! Gps,integrated wifi ,cellphone,tents ,air matress, sleeping bags everything was in there. They gave us the cars directly at the airport with an excellent service. A huge thanks to Fabio and all the guys from nomad america!

– Jordan Pena, Canada

I cannot say enough about the service Nomad America provides in Costa Rica. Fabio and I arranged multiple truck rentals for my wedding and my wedding guests over the course of 6 weeks without a single hang up. Fabio’s organizational skills are unparalleled in Costa Rica and his reliability became something I could count on. He was always professional and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate any needs.

Insofar as the trucks go, if you can find better rigs for use on Costa Rica’s back roads then I applaud you. These rigs all performed in both overland use and some technical use as well. From deep river crossings to steep and rocky terrain, every truck performed phenomenally. I personally had the Hi-Lux for 4 weeks and could not believe the capability of this pissed off little diesel truck.

I spend a lot of time in Costa Rica surfing and exploring, and going forward I will not make a trip without a Nomad truck.

– Chris Burley, Colorado, US.A.

“You guys are da bomb!!! Keep it up!! 10/10

– Chester Skotak

“We had an incredible awesome time in Costa Rica, thanks to nomad america, fabio and his team! Everything was working according to plan and was just perfect. The people of nomad america are so friendly and helpful. If you you wanna have an unforgettable adventure in central america –> go nomad america! 

– Thomas Brandenburger, Switzerland

“It was a memorable expedition! Tropical jungle just above our rooftop tent, snakes under car and morning tea observing colibris and butterflies at arm’s length. No Costa Rican roads and dry riverbeds were impassable for our beasty FJ Cruiser -well maintained and prepared car stuffed with an impressive selection of equipment and gadgets. Rooftop tent is a must for a safe camping in the jungle besides it shades car from the burning tropical sun. Many thanks to Fabio for meeting our extra equipment needs, that’s not common among rental companies! Grow bigger, but don’t lose that attitude! Highly recommended!

– Edvards Kusners, Latvia

“This was the BEST vehicle rental experience I’ve ever had!
Fabio was PERFECT! Knowledgable, friendly, prompt and one of the many awesome things that Costa Rica has to offer.
Ease of booking the STOCKED FJ Cruiser- Check!
Concierge vehicle drop-off and pick-up- Check!
Exploring hard-to-get-to villages with no road worries- Check!
Be prepared to turn heads. Our FJ Cruiser was quite literally a conversation starter everywhere we went and we meet a lot of new friends.
Nomad America took our vacation to the NEXT LEVEL!!!
Thank you so much Fabio! We can’t wait to get back and explore even more of Costa Rica in every one of your vehicles!!!

– Elizabeth Kealoha, U.S.A.

“Man, I would like to tell you, how good this trip was, but I can’t… I can’t find the right words. Maybe just one: Awesome… or unbelieveable… or phantastic… or divine?
1 week has passed and Costa Rica is still clear on my mind. The nature, the beaches, the animals, the volcanos, the dusty roads, the rivers, the cities and of course the PEOPLE…
I’m so thankful. NOMAD AMERICA you are great. Thank you for this phantastic car (Jeep Wrangler) and for your assistance anytime. Thank you for making this trip possible…

– Gurhan Kizilirmak, Germany

“Just returned our vehicle and Fabio and team at Nomad America provided the best service! They were there waiting for us when we arrived. Small issue with the battery and they had someone drive a replacement vehicle right to our hotel without any inconvenience. I would definitely recommend using them!

– Trent Berrier, U.S.A.

Fabio and the rest of the team at Nomad America made for an unforgettable trip. I have family who live in Costa Rica and with a planned trip to visit them, we wanted to make things a little different. We were planning on driving across the country but we wanted to do so in style and also have a vehicle that could take whatever we threw at it. And then I found Nomad America and their Land Rover Defender…

It was love at first sight. I’ve seen these cars and know their capabilities but never had the privilege of driving one myself. So there I was standing face-to-face with the baddest truck in all of Costa Rica and the keys in my right hand. 

The truck literally took w/e we put in it’s way. Creeks, steep mud hills, 600k+ of road driving. Not a SINGLE ISSUE.

I cannot thank Fabio and his team enough for providing me and my family with the tools to have an INCREDIBLE vacation.


– Andrew Kamacho, U.S.A.

“Rent a car in Costa Rica with Nomad America … Very nice team and well equipped and reliable 4WD

– Eric Chanie, Switzerland

“We had the best 2 weeks of our lives wandering around Costa Rica in our gorgeous Defender. Thank you Fabio for helping us arrange such a great holiday.

– Victoria Back, U.K.

“Thanks for the possibility to enjoy Costa Rica in an unbelievable great way! The car and the service was great!

– Jonas Wermter, Germany

“The only way to see Costa Rica! All cars are thoughtfully equipped with everything you could possibly need and more. Thank you Fabio!

– Racquel d’Cambre, Jamaica

“Bravo à Fabio et son équipe pour leur professionnalisme, leur disponibilité, leurs conseils et leur bonne humeur.
Nous avons vraiment vécu une super expérience au cours de notre séjour grâce à eux.
Le road-trip en 4×4 nous à permis de découvrir le Costa-rica à notre rythme, au plus près de la nature et des locaux.
Nous étions en couple et avons loué le toyota Prado: idéal pour 2 pers (espace largement suffisant, confortable sur les chemins et route de montagne, confort et espace dans la tente).
On vous conseille, si vous en avez le temps, de passer voir l’équipe à au camp de base, l’équipe est super accueillante et vous pourrez y découvrir l’âme de Nomad America!

– Julien Pech, France

“We hebben een geweldige vakantie gehad mede dankzij de geweldige jeep rubicon . We hebben 3 weken lang op plekken kunnen kamperen waar niemand kwam. ..Helemaal top���mooie natuur, geweldige vogels , apen en andere dieren

– Anita van der Heijden – The Netherlands

“Lieber Fabio, wir sind schon an vielen Orten der Welt mit einem 4*4 Mietauto unterwegs gewesen, aber das war das absolut coolste Auto und der absolut beste Service ever. Der Toyota war einfach der Hammer und all das Zubehör, welches du uns zur Verfügung gestellt hast, einfach nur Spitze. Wer kriegt zu einem Mietauto noch ein Handy mit SIM Karte, Hängematten, ca. 4 Taschenlampen, 4 Ersatz Gasflaschen, Moskitospray, Sonnencreme..und und und.. Dazu kommt natürlich das wunderschöne und extrem abwechslungsreiche Land. Diesen Trip werden wir nie vergessen. Vielen Dank für alles. You are the BEST!!

– Manu Zellweger, Switzerland

“I had a great time in Costa Rica. But my visit got way more interesting once I rented a Jeep from Nomad America! To start with, Fabio drove all the way up to Playa Del Coco to drop off the Jeep for me, which is a long drive. That, to me, speaks of dedication to excellent customer service. The Jeep was wonderful and inspired us to travel to many back roads not accessible with a normal car. To me, this is the only way to explore Costa Rica! Nomad America was very helpful

– George Lerma, U.S.A.

“The Nomad America Team has been incredibly helpful and flexible in getting us an adventurous trip through Costa Rica. Nothing is impossible for those guys. The Toyota Hilux was equipped with two tents on the roof to accommodate our daily of four. The car is amazing and gets you through any kind of terrain. Quite unprepared we started this trip and therefor enjoyed the flexibility of camping. We stayed where we liked it and moved on where we didn’t. And you can get to places where you otherwise would never get. What about camping on the beach, just by yourself? We travelled in the wet season so did experience the tropical rain every now and then. Not too much issues with the tents itself but you do need the plastic boxes that the team can provide to keep your stuff dry. And when it got too wet we rented a room in a b&b, “

– Dirk Jan, Annemarie and sons Max and Jelle, The Netherlands.

“In order to truly experience “Pura Vida” Costa Rica, a fully equipped 4×4 vehicle is a must. Fabio and his Nomad America fleet equip travelers with everything needed (and a lot of it is needed) to freely and comfortably conquer the difficult, but exhilarating, terrains leading to the discoverable beauty within Costa Rica. Thank you Nomad America for helping us find paradise, time and again and all to ourselves! 

– Stu and Corinne, U.S.A.

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