There are a lot of travelers in Costa Rica from all around the world. All the visitors are different and have different travel plans. Some are young backpackers traveling by bus and staying in hostels, some are families staying in resorts in one area without much exploration, some are adventure seekers going to ATV tours or renting powerful vehicles, some are surfers, some just want to stay at the beach during their entire vacation. Depending on your travel preferences, you may want to rent a car to get around during your stay in Costa Rica. If you really want to explore the country and check things out, renting a 4×4 vehicle might be the best for you. If you like Toyotas, then renting a stylish Toyota FJ Cruiser might be a great option. You can rent this car in Costa Rica. Not convinced yet? Read on and learn more about renting Toyota FJ Cruiser during your stay. Check out some great FJ Cruiser 4×4 footage in our Gallery.

Beach Camping Costa Rica

Camping on a beach in Costa Rica – Toyota FJ Cruiser –

History and Specifications of Toyota FJ Cruiser

Every car has a history and Toyota FJ Cruiser is not an exception, although it is relatively new. This gorgeous, super-stylish vehicle was introduced in 2003 and it is a mid-size 4×4 with an excellent off-road performance. Toyota FJ Cruiser has a lot of common features with Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The main reason of introducing Toyota FJ Cruiser to the market was producer’s goal to increase the size and add add more luxury to a Land Cruiser line. The unique retro style of the FJ Cruiser concept received a lot of positive response from the people, as it preserved some of the design elements of the legendary Toyota FJ40. In 2004, Toyota started different off-road tests of the FJ Cruiser, driving on various challenging trails. After the tests and extensive evaluations, the exterior of Toyota FJ Cruiser was almost unchanged.

Toyota FJ Cruiser is around 4.7-meters length. It’s bigger than a Toyota RAV4 and smaller than Toyota Highlander. The manufacturer uses a lot of parts from the other vehicles to produce FJ Cruiser, such as suspension components used in Toyota Hilux and Prado, shared transmissions and engines used in Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner. Toyota FJ Cruiser has 24 centimeters of ground clearance, 30-degree departure angles, 27.4-degree break over angle and 34-degree approach. FJ Cruiser is considered as a safe car and it was awarded as a top safety pick by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Another standard features of the car include waterproof cloth upholstery, 17-inch steel wheels, skid plates for off-road protection and great audio system with USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Camping on beach in Costa Rica

Pros of Renting Toyota FJ Cruiser in Costa Rica

Renting Toyota FJ Cruiser is fun and great not only because of its unique design. The vehicle has awesome off-road capabilities and high safety level. Toyota FJ Cruiser has high ground clearance, fully boxed frame, independent front suspension and is made for long trips. These are just few pros of renting Toyota FJ Cruiser. Here are more reasons of why you should rent this vehicle in Costa Rica:

  • One of the main advantages of renting Toyota FJ Cruiser in Costa Rica is its off-road capacity. It’s really important in Costa Rica because of the country’s road conditions. While FJ Cruiser might look softer and less rough than some other powerful SUVs, you will be impressed by your off-road experience when driving this Toyota. Many places in Costa Rica require a solid 4×4, especially during the rainy season. You will need to cross many unpaved dirt roads, streams and even rivers, climb up the hills and drive on extremely bumpy roads if you want to explore the country’s most beautiful places.
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser is perfect for the off-road but at the same time it’s very comfortable and not exhausting to drive on the road too. According to the reviews, the driver seat is extremely comfortable even on long trips. It’s softer and nicer to drive it on the road than you would expect from a truck.
  • Another reason to rent a Toyota FJ Cruiser in Costa Rica is of course its unique, original design. This might seem unimportant to some people, but if you care about design and aesthetics, this vehicle is perfect for you. Just looking at this car makes you want to pack all your stuff and cross the entire Costa Rica right away.
  • Safety is another important reason why you should rent a Toyota FJ Cruiser. As you might know, driving in Costa Rica is challenging and unpredictable. Local drivers don’t always follow the rules and are not always careful. But it’s safer to drive if you rent a really safe car. The seating in the FJ Cruiser is pretty elevated, providing an excellent visibility in the front. Moreover, Toyota FJ Cruiser has big side mirrors that are very helpful for the side and rear view. The vehicle includes various safety features, such as VSC, ABS, traction control. FJ Cruiser has 6 airbags in total: 2 side curtain bags, 2 front bags and two side bags for the front passenger.
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser is known for having its front seats water-resistant. So, if you are deep in the Costa Rica’s jungle and some water gets into the cabin, you don’t need to worry – vehicle’s special fabric will take care of that.
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Better than a Campervan! Costa Rica camper van rentals 4×4

All these advantages of renting a Toyota FJ Cruiser in Costa Rica are relevant when you are traveling to such places as Nicoya Peninsula, Osa Peninsula, Caribbean and Guanacaste province. Most parts of these places are simply not accessible by a regular car, no matter the season. If you want to enjoy rainy season in Costa Rica because of less crowds and cheaper prices but don’t want to spend all the time in a hotel, a solid 4×4 is also necessary. You will be able observe wildlife, surf in secret spots, see waterfalls and visit country’s national parks easily. Book your own FJ Cruiser for your adventure with Nomad America.

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4×4 rental Costa Rica FJ Cruiser Adventure

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